Industrial Improvement Project of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Technology

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Introduction of the project

        This project aims to help industries improve safety and health by providing technical guidance in the areas of working environment improvement, promotion of safety and health mutual aid system (SHMAS) within the industrial parks, risk management, research on safety and health regulations and international trends, and safety and health-related promotions and campaigns etc..
It provides technical guidance to selected small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which suffer from poor, e.g., dangerous, difficult, and dirty working environment, on improvement of working environment in order to comply with regulations and reduce occupational injuries. It helps factories in the industrial parks establish SHMAS, enforce emergency preparedness, and reduce occupational accidents. It helps factories establish business continuity planning and develop inspection techniques to prevent machinery failures during process and to minimize risks. It helps find and install OSH management systems suitable for SMEs, strengthen efficiency of OSH management at workplaces, and establish mutual aid systems to promote safety culture. It provides timely research findings with analyses on safety and health regulations so that industries can be better prepared for whatever changes may occur. To reduce impacts from regulatory changes, it also gathers voices and suggestions from industries for the authorities’ reference. It holds all sorts of safety and health campaign activities to elevate OSH standards nationwide and reduce occupational accidents and diseases.